Release Notes - camunda BPM - Version 7.8.0-alpha1 - HTML format

Bug Report

  • [CAM-5136] - Deleting a called process instance lets super process instance stall
  • [CAM-7165] - Process Instance Modification doesn't end a Process Instance when the Token is moved to the End of a Sub Process
  • [CAM-7458] - Cockpit with Postgres: Loading called historic process instances is slow
  • [CAM-7482] - Input and output column mixed up in IE11
  • [CAM-7562] - Inconsistent task listener invocation on cascading deletion of called process instances
  • [CAM-7633] - Version for "old-engine" tests must be updated after v. 7.7.0 is released
  • [CAM-7684] - Deleting a variable after a timer event is causing a ACT_UNIQ_VARIABLE Constraint Violation
  • [CAM-7823] - Expose HistoryService#findHistoryCleanupJob to REST API
  • [CAM-7831] - HistoryCleanupBatchSize and historyCleanupBatchThreshold config params must be validated
  • [CAM-7841] - History cleanup must respect "defaultNumberOfRetries" config parameter
  • [CAM-7843] - commons-fileupload has known security vulnerabilities
  • [CAM-7890] - NullPointerException is thrown when trying to restart process instance via REST API
  • [CAM-7891] - Exclusive Gateway Marker is not visible when using Fluent API
  • [CAM-7892] - Cannot delete and insert a process variable with the same name within one transaction
  • [CAM-7893] - Missing admin-api base tag in cockpit
  • [CAM-7899] - Wrong serializer is used when performing a process instance modification within a shared process engine
  • [CAM-7902] - Can't complete Task in TaskCreateListener with the taskService if a call activity follows the task
  • [CAM-7903] - I cannot sort instances in historic rest request
  • [CAM-7938] - Immutable diagram xml is not cached
  • [CAM-7940] - Set Retries Batch Operation uses Instance ID instead of Job Id
  • [CAM-7954] - Logout notification wrong when logging out on a weekend
  • [CAM-7973] - When I create a filter with query criteria "name" the given value is also set for "nameNotEqual"
  • [CAM-7974] - DmnParser and BpmnParser are vulnerable to XXE processing
  • [CAM-7986] - Due and Follow Up Date criterium has no effect on task search

Feature Request

  • [CAM-6074] - I can use webapps in different timezones
  • [CAM-7604] - I can request statistics for history cleanup
  • [CAM-7658] - I can suspend/activate multiple process instances via Batch operation
  • [CAM-7682] - Add BPMN Compensation to fluent model builder
  • [CAM-7683] - Add BPMN event sub process to fluent model builder
  • [CAM-7731] - An exception occurs when a BpmnError is not caught
  • [CAM-7835] - Provide the ability to filter tasks by start/end date using HistoryService API
  • [CAM-7852] - VersionTag for DecisionDefinition
  • [CAM-7854] - I can suspend/activate multiple process instance using a batch process REST API
  • [CAM-7950] - I can use »or« expression for querying tasks in REST API
  • [CAM-7951] - I can use #extend with OR expr. for querying tasks
  • [CAM-7969] - I can retrieve the current state of the called process instance


  • [CAM-7042] - Upgrade mybatis version
  • [CAM-7806] - Document restart process instance in the user guide
  • [CAM-7897] - Remove misleading sentence from docs
  • [CAM-7908] - Publish camunda-dmn-xlsx 0.1.1 on Maven central
  • [CAM-7921] - Update german tasklist translation
  • [CAM-7975] - I can read the documentation about OR queries for tasks

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