Release Notes - Camunda Optimize - Version 3.4.0-alpha2 - HTML format

Design Task

  • [OPT-3543] - Tooltips: Align and refine the design : fine!
  • [OPT-3730] - Concept for moving Combined Reports into Report Builder
  • [OPT-4811] - Multiple measures display in Vizualisations
  • [OPT-4816] - Dashboard Variable Filter Application
  • [OPT-4894] - Total instance count display

Bug Report

  • [OPT-1824] - Accessing Optimize Main page without being logged in causes error log
  • [OPT-3710] - Raw Data table shows empty rows
  • [OPT-4717] - Javascript error when resizing progress bar
  • [OPT-4842] - unauthorized to load process variables in shared reports
  • [OPT-4870] - Update to Optimizer 3.3.0 fails on dashboards last updated with Optimize <3.1.0
  • [OPT-4963] - Cannot edit event list of camunda event source

Feature Request

  • [OPT-4485] - Keep report configuration when changing version/definition
  • [OPT-4510] - New Dashboard Filter: Assignee, Candidates
  • [OPT-4575] - Display process instance id in raw data decision table reports
  • [OPT-4620] - Allow usage of special paths for share URLs
  • [OPT-4837] - Make Control Panel Sections Collapsable


  • [OPT-1262] - Usability improvement: Remove stepper arrows in current page input field
  • [OPT-1701] - Use shallow rendering for Report test suite
  • [OPT-2550] - Use shallow rendering for all Analysis tests
  • [OPT-2838] - Document "Distributed by Usertask" feature
  • [OPT-3167] - Rectify confusing Dto names
  • [OPT-4166] - Remove scrolling from the import of XMLs
  • [OPT-4263] - Merge DurationAggregationService and NumberVariableAggregationService
  • [OPT-4302] - allow mixing raw data table columns
  • [OPT-4376] - Speedup slow event process publishing
  • [OPT-4519] - Improve charts generated colors
  • [OPT-4543] - Autogeneration uses traces rather than sequences to determine start/end events
  • [OPT-4546] - Make event mapping suggestions work with event traces rather than sequence counts
  • [OPT-4814] - Applied Filter UI design
  • [OPT-4838] - Have instance and view filters in the same section
  • [OPT-4840] - New target value ui
  • [OPT-4841] - Fix usage of "JAVA_OPTS" to "OPTIMIZE_JAVA_OPTS" on optimize containers
  • [OPT-4866] - Improve handling of "unassigned" for assignee dashboard filter
  • [OPT-4924] - Filter tooltip text update
  • [OPT-4930] - Remove Enunciate plugin for API doc generation
  • [OPT-4955] - Adjust import tests to new decision instance indices
  • [OPT-4960] - Add different groups for sample external events

Design Part

Feature Part

  • [OPT-4825] - Adjust process report datastructure to support multiple measures
  • [OPT-4826] - Separate View and Measure
  • [OPT-4827] - Add Subtext to Single Number Reports


  • [OPT-4536] - Allow Event Based Process creation/update with multiple external event sources
  • [OPT-4537] - Prevent the use of event based processes with 'all' and a particular group source
  • [OPT-4538] - Event based processes with multiple external sources can be published
  • [OPT-4781] - Dedicated DecisionInstanceIndex per Decision Definition
  • [OPT-4785] - I can search for assignees/candidateGroups by reportIDs
  • [OPT-4804] - "Open in Optimize"-Links on shared pages never include the "/external" sub-path
  • [OPT-4818] - Update front-end to match the API change for multiple external sources
  • [OPT-4853] - Allow users to retrieve the event counts when multiple external event sources are selected
  • [OPT-4856] - simplify the column order configuration option
  • [OPT-4857] - write migration script for column order configuration changes
  • [OPT-4859] - update front-end configuration to allow mixing raw data table columns
  • [OPT-4871] - Adjust report result to support returning multiple results
  • [OPT-4885] - Extend /report/decision/single endpoint to return processInstanceId on the JSON response
  • [OPT-4892] - Add info text to external sources section in auto generation
  • [OPT-4893] - Hide auto suggestion option when it cannot be enabled
  • [OPT-4897] - update complete setup links in shared dashboard to not include '/external'
  • [OPT-4898] - Add validation preventing group-specific external event sources for autogeneration
  • [OPT-4899] - Add new endpoint to return all current groups of external events
  • [OPT-4913] - keep hidden columns when switching definition/version
  • [OPT-4914] - keep column order on raw data reports when switching definition/version
  • [OPT-4915] - keep process part when switching definition/version
  • [OPT-4916] - keep heatmap target value when switching version/definition
  • [OPT-4923] - add process instance id column in decision raw data report
  • [OPT-4935] - Adjust frontend to new report result datastructure
  • [OPT-4938] - Return multi measure results for each entry
  • [OPT-4947] - Decouple rest layer from ReportResultDto classes
  • [OPT-4962] - Align decision report data.view to process report data.view

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