Release Notes - Camunda Optimize - Version 3.2.0-alpha1 - HTML format

Bug Report

  • [OPT-3751] - Prevent Camunda Activity Source usage if activity event index does not exist
  • [OPT-3910] - Relative/Rolling Date Filters in Combined Report Results in Too Many Buckets
  • [OPT-3911] - Date reports should always return empty result when there are no instances
  • [OPT-3955] - Report Title Tooltip position is incorrect
  • [OPT-3983] - Long words in report name in configuration popover overflows
  • [OPT-3992] - Count Percentage of user task reports is using wrong reference value
  • [OPT-3994] - Versions aren't sorted correctly in report building dropdown
  • [OPT-3997] - Authorization issue in multi engine scenario for users with identical ID
  • [OPT-3999] - Timezone is applied wrong to bucketLimiting filter on group by date with unit
  • [OPT-4018] - Export fails when downloading empty variable number reports
  • [OPT-4038] - rawdata table rows are unaligned when disabling all columns and enabling two column
  • [OPT-4077] - Collections permissions/roles are being removed if the application authorization request returns an error code

Feature Request

  • [OPT-3746] - Support Elasticsearch 7.7+7.8


  • [OPT-2444] - Nightly performance tests on rest api
  • [OPT-2888] - Document mounting environment-config.yaml into docker container
  • [OPT-3001] - Configure Indices managed by the SchemaManager in a central place
  • [OPT-3068] - Use definitionKey lookup for reports when clearing event based process resources
  • [OPT-3084] - Align error and no result handling in reader layer
  • [OPT-3285] - Automatically add ElasticSearch version warning check
  • [OPT-3361] - Update Regression Test Data Setup
  • [OPT-3434] - Grouped by Date reports contain a lot of duplicated code
  • [OPT-3592] - Find a solution for dropdown overflow in tables
  • [OPT-3612] - Variable name endpoints use composite aggregation to scroll through results
  • [OPT-3761] - Create a reusable docs link component to link to user guide
  • [OPT-3786] - Move duplicated/often used process models to a single class
  • [OPT-3792] - Hide source modal context switch in edit mode
  • [OPT-3831] - Split up SingleReportHandlingIT
  • [OPT-3837] - Remove sorting of report results in the frontend
  • [OPT-3839] - Sort date reports ascending by default
  • [OPT-3904] - Find a solution to the configuration popover remounting when reevaluating the report
  • [OPT-3968] - Enable Event Process Data Migration Tests
  • [OPT-3979] - Improve Time handling for Date filters
  • [OPT-3989] - Remove 3.0.0 to 3.1.0 Upgrade steps and tests
  • [OPT-3995] - Make Event List Selection Consistent
  • [OPT-4019] - Clean up and make Util tasks more consistent
  • [OPT-4025] - Adjust report sorting based on visualisation
  • [OPT-4049] - Document that events can be updated (e.g. with new variable data) in event monitoring
  • [OPT-4053] - Elasticsearch compability test are failing due to instable embedded optimize integration test
  • [OPT-4061] - Remove use of deprecated APIs
  • [OPT-4067] - Remove unused deprecation warnings from CustomPrefixIT
  • [OPT-4068] - Migrate Event Count retrieval to use new Sorter parameter pattern
  • [OPT-4073] - Refactor extracting of dto fields for tableColumns and csv export
  • [OPT-4083] - Move dependabot config file so we can make use of the Github UI

Bug Part

  • [OPT-4075] - Sort order not binding properly from query params

Design Part

  • [OPT-3898] - Grouping options in the UI

Feature Part

  • [OPT-3950] - Alert API can handle multiple email addresses
  • [OPT-4004] - String variable filters can have "contains" operators for process reports
  • [OPT-4005] - I can use the new "contains"/"not contains" operator for string variable in reports
  • [OPT-4031] - adjust report configuration to allow specifically including certain columns
  • [OPT-4050] - String variable filters can have "contains" operators for decision reports and dashboard filters


  • [OPT-4026] - GroupBy Date Reports Refactoring Iteration 1
  • [OPT-4027] - GroupBy date Reports Refactoring Iteration 2
  • [OPT-4028] - Add performance tests for event based processes
  • [OPT-4029] - Add performance tests for fetching variables
  • [OPT-4033] - Process variable name endpoint uses composite aggregation
  • [OPT-4034] - Decision variable endpoints use composite aggregation
  • [OPT-4039] - Add definition key endpoint query parameter
  • [OPT-4040] - Remove exclude event process flag from definition key endpoint
  • [OPT-4041] - Use the Camunda query parameter when fetching definition keys for event based processes
  • [OPT-4042] - Prevent adding event sources where camunda events have not been imported
  • [OPT-4043] - Update event based process documentation with reasons for presence of definition keys
  • [OPT-4054] - Return entities according to sort parameters
  • [OPT-4055] - Return collection entities according to sort parameters
  • [OPT-4060] - Remove unused query param adjustment logic
  • [OPT-4064] - Adjust performance tests to make use of sorting

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