Release Notes - Camunda Optimize - Version 3.10.0-alpha1 - HTML format

Bug Report

  • [OPT-5386] - Import behaves unexpectedly for unauthorized multi-definition reports
  • [OPT-5423] - Process edit pop over location
  • [OPT-5580] - The earliest variable in a batch is taken as the value when the ID exists multiple times in the batch
  • [OPT-5641] - High variable values/long x axis labels result in unreadable charts
  • [OPT-5993] - Adding number variable filter twice to a dashboard can cause it to crash
  • [OPT-6118] - Pie chart reports don't display properly when shared
  • [OPT-6369] - Pie slices stay in hover mode after leaving the chart
  • [OPT-6406] - READ only user can create collections/dashboard with using magic link
  • [OPT-6451] - Onboarding Email gets sent more than once in a multi-instance environment (Saas)
  • [OPT-6455] - Respect custom context path for identity redirection URI
  • [OPT-6458] - Copying a process definition with no name shows the name as "null"
  • [OPT-6464] - Error message in Outlier Analysis for definitions without instances
  • [OPT-6480] - Optimize - DMN with large cell breaks dashboard layout
  • [OPT-6482] - Fix logged error about missing configuration
  • [OPT-6485] - Variable names on dashboard filter overflow out of their define space
  • [OPT-6489] - Optimize returns a 500 error when user's cookie is too big
  • [OPT-6491] - Dashboard date filter Submenu are not working
  • [OPT-6493] - Remove appcue part of magic link URL
  • [OPT-6508] - Redundant calls to fetch valid variables on dashboard filters
  • [OPT-6515] - Date variable filter overflows from it's container in dashboard edit
  • [OPT-6540] - Edit dashboard is not working when the dashboard is created by View button on Processes page
  • [OPT-6555] - Processes page is broken

Feature Request

  • [OPT-3179] - Configurable Context-Path
  • [OPT-5682] - Community language packs for Optimize
  • [OPT-6410] - Allow to disable "verify hostname"
  • [OPT-6430] - Add precision configuration for all types of reports
  • [OPT-6494] - Show user role for collection
  • [OPT-6495] - Notify user before creating default dashboard
  • [OPT-6513] - Additional information about the date of the last hits in Camunda Optimize for a better understanding of rules usability


  • [OPT-2544] - Update Popover class names
  • [OPT-5369] - Front end Report sidebar improvements
  • [OPT-5521] - Add loading state when switching flow node diagram in filters
  • [OPT-5713] - Use static isValid to validate single variable filters
  • [OPT-5798] - Add local sorting behaviour to tables
  • [OPT-5880] - Make translations accept html markup
  • [OPT-5980] - Delay fading out non hovered chart elements
  • [OPT-6169] - Optimize import performance metrics
  • [OPT-6351] - Add ES logs to build artefacts
  • [OPT-6382] - Test new Zeebe BPMN element diverging inclusive gateway
  • [OPT-6384] - Remove support for Elasticsearch 7.10 and 7.11 and 7.12
  • [OPT-6393] - Add endpoint to delete backups
  • [OPT-6416] - Allow custom context path to be configured in Optimize
  • [OPT-6452] - Provide a way to disable the periodic onboarding scheduler checks
  • [OPT-6474] - Running Optimize in https mode in C8SM
  • [OPT-6479] - Correctly cleanup outlier analysis charts
  • [OPT-6483] - Test new Zeebe BPMN element: terminate end events
  • [OPT-6496] - Add "what's new" files to the community language repo
  • [OPT-6514] - Add property to /process/overview indicating if process has a dashboard already
  • [OPT-6516] - Switch bar chart direction for categorical charts
  • [OPT-6517] - Add a configuration option to switch the bar chart direction
  • [OPT-6518] - Sort chart reports with a categorical grouping by value
  • [OPT-6519] - Improve tooltip positioning for horizontal bar charts
  • [OPT-6520] - Vertically center loading indicators
  • [OPT-6521] - Align backup docs
  • [OPT-6527] - Update Optimize import label
  • [OPT-6532] - Document hot backup delete API
  • [OPT-6546] - Remove redundant abstract identity interface
  • [OPT-6553] - Update documentation link


  • [OPT-6367] - Test creating a report from a dashboard
  • [OPT-6391] - Add endpoint to trigger backups
  • [OPT-6392] - Add endpoint to retrieve backup status
  • [OPT-6440] - Document Hot Backup API

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